Change is coming…

whether I like it or not.

It’s been over three years since I last posted on here (WHAT?! HOW!?). When I last wrote, I was starting grad school (I’m done), working in preschool (I just finished two years teaching high school) and living in Brighton (moved to Arlington then moved to Somerville).

Also… I got engaged. (!!!)

This was fun.

A lot has transpired, so here are a few of my favorite moments from the past three and a half years before I get to the real reason for this post.

December 2014- December 2015

December 2015- December 2016

December 2016-December 2017

December 2017-present

These events propelled me forward through exciting chapters of my life. Just enough change to keep it interesting, but all within my comfort bubble. Everything was going well. I was hitting my stride and feeling great.


I’m. Moving. To. Texas.

For some people, this might be a normal level of change. For me, this is quite big. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for my entire life (with the exception of one semester abroad in Florence). Since graduating from BU, I’ve haven’t left the greater Boston area. I love Boston, despite its flaws, and have been incredibly fortunate to enjoy life there over the past six years.

So here’s how this came about…

Just when I thought I was the only one of my college friends in Boston for the long haul (something I was proud of, mind you) my awesome partner in life got quite the opportunity. It was the fall of 2017. He’d been recruited by some great companies in the past, but never in desirable areas, so nothing really moved forward. This time, though, the move was to either Mountainview, CA or Austin, TX. We agreed those were desirable locations and on top of that, the company recruiting him was Google. He had to go for it. I was very proud of him for getting this opportunity and beginning the arduous interview process. Of course, in the back of my mind I (selfishly) was hoping it wouldn’t come to fruition because I was terrified at the thought of moving. Despite my lack of whole-hearted support, he made it through the first round, the second, the in-person, another call, through the hiring committee and, finally, received an offer. He couldn’t pass this up. So it became real. We discussed our plan and decided we were moving to Texas.

For Andrew, the big change came in March when he moved and began his new job. I moved out of Arlington and into a co-op in Somerville (separate post on co-op life forthcoming). I had to hang on until the end of the school year, which came too quickly. The last few weeks passed in a flurry of activity, mixed with sadness and excitement.

I said my goodbyes, packed up my car and headed back to my parents house in Sturbridge to collect the other half of my belongings. (I made one quick trip back to Boston for the Sox game).

I’ve prepared to the point that I can physically drive my car to Texas, but might cry on and off for the duration (Sorry sis! Also, thank you for agreeing to be my co-pilot). Over the past few weeks, I’ve started saying hello to people on the street in an attempt to adjust to southern hospitality. Every time I sweat I block thoughts of the impending Texas heat. I’ve tried to add edge and effortless cool to my wardrobe to blend with the “Keep Austin Weird” vibes.

I know I will need more time to process once the dust settles. I know I will miss Boston, my friends and my family. I also know I can’t wait to be back in the same city as Andrew. I am excited to try new places and meet new people. I’m excited to apply for a new job and explore new paths for my life. Most importantly, I know change is good. It forces you out of complacency and into a better version of yourself. This is a transformative (scary?) time for the country and for my generation. I hope to keep lending my hand to the positive change making waves in what sometimes feel like an endless sea of negative events.

I could fill an entire book with my memories of growing up in Massachusetts. I know (think, hope) I will return here someday. The next few years are an opportunity to grow and gain new perspective. Who knows where I’ll end up next!?

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