Whine and cheese (without the cheese)

Yesterday I was hosting my own little whine club, but today is a beautiful snowy day and I am renewed. It’s time to set some concrete goals again. Goal-setting began thanks to my gymnastics coach from ages 9-17 and I continued it through college. For each meet, we had to set four positive goals for each event (something short, couldn’t use the word “no” or “don’t”) and focus on them throughout each routine. For a very nervous competitor, which I was, it helped a lot. In everyday life, this practice is also great. It is kind of like a to-do list, but with fewer items and more focus.



Whine and Cheese club on Parks and Rec



Snow is magical!



Our goals were always private, so I won’t share mine, but if you get in a rut, try it out sometime.


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