What should I be doing?

Probably not trying to start a blog, but that is neither here nor there. I could try to appeal to the masses with cat videos and twerking (which my computer keeps trying to auto-correct to tweaking; don’t worry, I’m sure it will be added to the dictionary soon), but I guess I’m just utilizing yet another outlet to publicize my life. Basically, being vain and thinking people will read this.

To keep it short and sweet, I should be aggressively applying to jobs right now, but I’m going to take a break to do this because it’s fun and new and means writing something besides a cover letter.

Finding a career to match your passions is no piece of cake. Especially when your passions lie all over the map and your expensive education and year and a half of post-grad job experience qualifies you for…well, less than you thought. Feeling like you wish you could send a Howler (HP reference, if you don’t like Harry Potter, just get out now) to every job that didn’t even give you an interview, though you’d be perfect (though obvi I’m sure there were lots of perfect people) doesn’t help the situation.

List of sentiments I would like to express i.e. the post-willingly quitting your job, job search

1. Why did I quit my job?

2. Because it was a good choice because I was miserable

3. Was I miserable?

4. Yes?

5. Fuck

6. Omg I’m so excited to look for new jobs. This is so fun.

7. Monster, craigslist, indeed, idealist, angel, simplyhired-WOO options!

8. This is a shit-hole.

9. OMG interviews, I’m amazing.

10. OMG job offer!

11. I don’t want the job being offered.

12. Shit.

13. Just offer me one of the countless other jobs I’ve spent hours applying to and that I really want.

14. I’m so awesome can’t you see that?

15. Maybe I could…

And here-in lies the reason I’m starting a blog. Because what better way to express how truly brilliant and marketable I am, than all over the internet! I’m only half kidding.

But, for serious, I’m a promising individual with many talents and positive qualities such as,

 Imagepig nose



Photo 11

turning into a cat and reading your mind


natural business acumen (bonus spelling skills)

El robe from Taiwan

passion for fashion






B.A. (badass)

So we shall see where all of this general excellence takes me.

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